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Terry Fisher

2003006168 FHA 203K Specialist
4440 Gleneste Withamsville Road
Cincinnati, OH 45245
937-763-3057 Fax: 513-672-9777

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Terry and Jo Ann's Testimonials

This was my first time buying a house. To be honest, I had randomly picked Terry and Jo Ann to help us. I said a little prayer... then "eenie meenie miney mo!" We had a few houses lined up we were inquiring to look at. At first we worked with Jo Ann. She pulled the info and opened up the house for us to look at. We found out Jo Ann grew up in the general area and was very knowledgeable about the location we were interested in. We found the house we wanted. That's when Terry stepped in. The house was a foreclosure and there were 3 offers already being made on it. I thought it was too late because we went to take another look at it and someone was already there claiming their realtor said the house was pretty much theirs. So we were getting ready to move on. Then with a lot of help from family and Terry's determination and open communication we were able to close on the house! (Of course, that's everything in a nutshell.) The process was long and there were a lot things in between that caused delays. Overall, Terry was very patient and able to explain to me what was going on so I could understand. He was very nice and respectful. If I couldn't get a hold of him right away he would get back to me within a couple of hours max. He seemed to be very confident in this line of work, and always maintained a positive attitude. After working with and getting to know Terry throughout the course of 6 months it was clear he loved helping people with his experience and knowledge. I never, in the least little bit, felt he was driven by the money involved. I could call Terry my friend more than my realtor now. I'm very thankful for both Jo Ann and Terry's help.